Katie Norrrid Photography

Hi! My name is Samantha Doyle, better known as Sami Sue.

I've been filming and editing videos practically since I could hold a camera (and we're talking over the shoulder video camera here).  My first productions were filmed within the confides of my living room and usually involved a self choreographed NSYNC dance routine.  I still love going back and watching these (slightly embarrassing) videos.  It's so crazy how, though the cameras were MUCH larger back then, we still have our first birthdays, t-ball games, school plays, etc. all on "tape".  Your wedding day (only the most important day of your life!) should be no different.  You will want to relive that day, hearing the voices and laughter from family and friends.

That's why I love videography.  On your wedding day, I'll probably ooh and aah over your bouquet and tell you how amazing your venue is, but to me that's not what it's all about.  What I'm there to do is capture the MOMENTS.  The tears shed as you step into your dress, those sweet (and sometimes silly) words your groom says as he first sees you, the emotional walk down the aisle, and your shaky spoken vows.  These moments can't be duplicated.  It doesn't matter how long you sit on Pinterest adding to your "Dream Wedding" board, you won't find these moments there. 

So, yeah the details are great, but when the day is done what you will remember most is the moments.  Wedding films help those moments last forever.  Can you imagine watching and hearing your grandparents recite their vows? How stinkin' cool would that be.  That is why we say wedding films are investments- because they last forever!


Photo by Katie Norrid Photography